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Divine Cosmic Lite

We are a group of beings with the mission of anchoring the empowerment of divine feminine energy, from love, harmony, coherence, and integration with the sacred masculine. We are at the service of women, men and children. Through online workshops, in-person events, sacred ceremonies and spiritual activities for the expansion of consciousness, strengthening ties and interaction from the spirit. Where we raise our frequency and work with our energies, channeling the creative energy of life to activate the kundalini, with it all its benefits to be sovereign and manifestors of our reality.

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The Transformation

“As we awaken to our innate spirituality and embrace the freedom of our true selves, we co-create a new Earth – a radiant canvas of love, harmony, and infinite possibility.”

Our mission is to elevate the energy of love and anchor the divine energy, in harmony with sacred masculine energy. And in unity and coherence, empower us from the pure essence of our being. Experiencing life with a greater purpose and divine expression with the desires of our soul, expanding and transforming us to our best version. 

"Our purpose is to open a sacred space, of high-value content, products, and services of high-level experiences. Helping to create a connection with ourselves, to live in higher states of consciousness, coherence, love, prosperity, joy, and harmony"

Powerful Workshops

Unleash your inner power. Explore powerful spiritual workshops and discover your elevate self.


Join live webinars for a soulful journey—immerse in spiritual exploration, connect, and grow. Unveil transformative wisdom as we delve into the profound together.

Sacred Ceremonies

Immerse in sacred traditions. Experience healing, connection, and transformation through powerful ceremonies.

Energetic Products

Elevate your essence with curated alchemist tools. Ignite energy, amplify intuition, and embrace a vibrant life with these sacred instruments of transformation.


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Meet the Team


“We are in the school of life, as eternal teachers and students.” By going deeper inside us, in our unconscious, we can find our great treasures. I love to use the tools that the cosmos provides us, such as Astrology for evolution, and Human Design.


“There is more wisdom in your body than in philosophy itself”. Help women to remember their power. Healing of memories, activation of the love  by cocoa, breathwork, sound healing, and movement.

Psychic Mentor

“We are superhumans, and our mission is to remember our faculties to develop”. Through the honorary and extrasensory we can connect with the immensity of our being.

Transcendental Meditation

Embrace a transformative journey with me as I guide you through Transcendental Meditation. Discover the power of effortless transcending for inner calm and clarity. Let’s unlock the serenity within, together.



In Touch

Be part of a community full of magic, focused on raising our energy and, living in coherence and harmony with our lives...