Sound Healing



Worries and anxieties. Sink into a state of profound serenity, where your body feels light and your mind finds stillness. Reconnect with the wisdom residing within, feeling truly present in your physical form.



Intuition and creativity. The sound´s journey stimulates your brain, unlocking hidden potential within you. Unleash your unique voice and express your full essence.



With the vibrations of the instruments enter in a state of profound peace. Feel the frequency in you balancing and harmonizing your chakras, fostering a sense of well-being.​



With your inner Essence. Embark on deeply personal journey of self-discovery. The sounds can guide you inwards, allowing you to connect with the wisdom of your spirit and feel sense of belonging to something greater than yourself.


Just as a tuning fork struck in unison will cause another tuning fork to vibrate, so too does sound healing have the potential to bring your body and mind into harmony.

Sound Baths

Find Sanctuary in Sound

At Divine Cosmic Lite, sound isn’t just heard, it’s felt. A primal force, a cosmic language that unlocks the dormant symphony within. Our curated Sound Bath experiences are journeys inwards, guided by the resonant vibrations of sacred instruments.

Tibetan singing bowls and crystal chimes, celestial tuning forks, align your chakras. Feel the vibrations dance through you, awakening the kundalini energy – a coiled serpent of power ready to rise and connect you to your full potential.

This is for anyone who...

"Sound has power to heal the wounds which medicine cannot touch."

Khalil Gibran


Awaken your potential. Elevate your energy. Uncover your inner light.
Join us on a journey to transform your life and ignite your spirit.


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