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We are all beings of immense potential, with the power to co-create our reality and live fulfilling lives. But how do we unlock this potential? The answer lies within us – in the very vessel we inhabit, our body. It’s the bridge that connects us to our divine essence, a wellspring of energy waiting to be harnessed gently and effectively.

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The Tree of Life Within

Imagine yourself as a majestic Tree of Life. Your legs, strong and rooted, connect you to the Earth’s core. At the base of your spine rests the Kundalini, a powerful energy symbolized by two intertwined snakes – one black, representing feminine energy, and the other golden, representing masculine energy.

The Gentle Journey Up the Spine

These entwined snakes have the potential to rise through your Chakras, energy centers located along your spinal column. At Divine Cosmic Lite, we guide you in this process with gentle and effective practices



Explore gentle stretches, flowing dance, and yoga postures that awaken your body and prepare it for energy flow.



Discover calming and invigorating breathing techniques (Pranayama) to increase energy flow and awaken Kundalini gradually.


Sound Healing

Immerse yourself in the transformative vibrations of sound baths and guided meditations to gently activate your chakras and Kundalini energy.


Tantra for

We offer adapted Tantra practices that focus on breathwork, movement, and connection to your inner energy, fostering a gentle awakening of Kundalini.

Tai Chi in Nature. Mature woman exercising Tai Chi in nature, Close up on hands

Qigong for

Learn this ancient practice that combines gentle movement, breathwork, and meditation to cultivate inner harmony and awaken Kundalini in a balanced way.

Heaven Meets Earth:
Manifestation Made Possible

This descending flow symbolizes the union of Heaven and Earth within you. It harmonizes your masculine and feminine energies, empowering you to manifest your deepest desires. You become a co-creator that you are with the Divine, aligned with strength, power, wisdom, and the ability to create a happy and harmonious life.

The Magic of...

The Alchemy of Union

As you engage in these gentle practices, the Kundalini snakes may begin to rise through your Chakras. This awakening culminates in the sacred union within the “chalice of life” (upper chakras). Here, the pineal gland secretes a celestial nectar, while the pituitary gland releases a magnetic elixir of life. These fluids combine, forming crystals that descend back down your spine.

Make it possible

Activating Your Divine Light with Gentle Guidance

At Divine Cosmic Light, we offer a variety of programs designed to awaken this potent energy within you in a safe and gentle manner. Our workshops, online courses, and sacred ceremonies provide tools and practices to:


Awaken your potential. Elevate your energy. Uncover your inner light.
Join us on a journey to transform your life and ignite your spirit.


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